TrainACE - Greenbelt City Scholarships

Change career trajectory with up to $10,000 in

scholarship funds.

TrainACE is partnering with the City of Greenbelt to offer a one-time educational scholarship to residents impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The purpose of the Workforce Development Scholarship Program is to help Greenbelt residents and those enrolled in the Greenbelt GED, ESOL or Workforce Development Program cover the cost of workforce training, including higher education and continuing education opportunities.

The Greenbelt Workforce Development Scholarship Program will award $10,000 to eligible residents.

The scholarships can be applied to any training programs in any field, but if you are looking to advance in IT, we can help you.

TrainACE is a well-established Greenbelt-based IT school with a great reputation. We offer a wide range of classes that you can apply toward your scholarship - from beginner to advanced, and across different IT disciplines such as programming, cyber security, program management, and network engineering.

Call us at (301) 220 2802 or complete the form to learn more about the
Greenbelt Educational Scholarship and how TrainACE can help you get your dream job in IT.

While there is no specific deadline to apply for this program, it will close once all  the scholarship funds are used up.