Download this handy CCNA EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) Fact Sheet

CCNA-Fact-Sheet---EIGRP-Front-Page-TN-250x324Getting ready for the CCNA Certification exam? Just started working on your CISCO CCNA credentials?

No problem. Our concise CCNA EIGRP Fact Sheet lists all the key elements you will need to know during your training and exam. Learn about:

  • Essential terminology associated with EIGRP
  • Reported Distance
  • Feasible Distance
  • Feasible Successor
  • Stuck in Active
  • Basic EIGRP Configuration Commands
  • Advanced EIGRP Configuration Commands
  • Support Commands
Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) uses the Diffused Update Algorithm (DUAL) to calculate the shortest path to a network.
EIGRP is easy to implement and has fast convergence. This unique Cisco tool is often used in large Enterprise networks.
EIGRP avoids concurrent disadvantages, while keeping all of the advantages of distance-vector protocols. An easy protocol to understand and implement, EIGRP provides extremely fast convergence times, is IPv6-ready, and scales effectively.
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