Download this handy CCNA Access Control List (ACL) Fact Sheet

CCNA-Fact-Sheet---ACL-Front-Page-TN-250x322Getting ready for the CCNA exam? Just started working on your CISCO CCNA credentials?

No problem. Our concise CCNA Access Control List Fact Sheet will give you all the key elements you will need to know during your training and exam. Learn about:

  • Standard ACL's and Extended ACL's
  • Numbered ACL's and Named ACL's
  • Wild Card Masks
  • Basic Configuration Commands
  • Rules for Applying Lists
  • Support Commands
Understanding Access Control Lists is critical for any IT professional who regularly configures or works with computer networking technology. Getting a good grounding in this functionality early in your career will enhance your skills and make advancing your career easier.
Access Control Lists are used to handle essential network operations such as:
  • Network traffic control into and out of an organizations digital infrastructure.
  • Traffic prioritization e.g, voice over IP vs data.
  • Security functions and Network Address Translation (NAT).
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